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2024 Session Dates

1st Session: Sun, 6/2 - Thu, 6/27
2nd Session: Mon, 7/1 - Fri, 7/26


For any questions contact:

Integrated Freight Logistics
Phone: 954-769-1439, opt 2

Theresa Rolon-Simon ext. 108


About Ship to Camp's
"Door to Door" shipping program!

Hassle-Free Service from Integrated Freight Logistics
Integrated Freight Logistics (IFL) has partnered with common carriers to offer Camp Barney families the convenience of shipping services to and from camp. Our goal is to provide you with ease and comfort knowing that your camper's belongings will be waiting for them when they get to camp and to arrange for all coordination back to your home. As Camp Barney's shipping agent, our unique plan eliminates the "hassles" of dealing with the airlines and their ever-changing baggage policies and fees.

Registration is easy!
Visit the registration page and make sure to complete the entire registration form. You will also be given the option to purchase additional insurance protection for your bags while they are in transit to and from camp. Upon clicking the submit button at the bottom of the form, your baggage shipping reservation will be submitted to IFL/Ship to Camp for processing. You will then be directed to a Payment Authorization Form to complete your order. Please return completed form via fax to 954-416-2061 or send by email to:

Baggage shipping fees can be reviewed prior to registering by browsing to the Baggage Costs page.

Preparing your bags is also easy!
For those families living in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Florida counties, IFL will be coordinating the pickup of your bags for delivery to camp. All you need to do is affix your Camp Barney Medintz ID tags and have your bags ready per the scheduled date and time for pickup.

If your bags are being shipped from Miami-Dade, Broward or Palm Beach Florida counties - the shipping label will be affixed by the driver.

All other camp families registered for shipping outside of the counties listed above will receive a shipping packet (approximately 7 days prior to your scheduled pickup date) with your shipping labels and instructions from IFL. You will affix the shipping label and Camp Barney Medintz ID tags to your bags.

Convenient pickup at your door!
The pickup schedule for all counties will be sent to your email address approximately 1 week in advance after the reservation cut-off dates. There is no need to personally track your shipments as IFL coordinates the shipment and tracking of your bags on your behalf.


ACCEPTABLE FULLY PACKED BAGGAGE DIMENSIONS for transport to/from Camp Barney is approximately 36” x 16” x 16” and up to 40” x 20” x 20” not exceeding 120 total dimensional inches and no more than 50 lbs.

Dimensional inches are calculated as follows:2x Width + 2x Height, then add its length (longest side of the duffel bag including any straps, wheels, etc. (when fully packed)

COLOSSAL/EXTRA-LARGE DUFFEL BAGS are NO longer permitted due to the physical requirements and financial costs associated with managing these bags.

Recent 2024 tariff changes have made the shipment of Colossal or Extra-Large Bags extremely cost-prohibitive to Integrated Freight Logistics (ShiptoCamp), Camp Barney and our camper families. As a direct result, any bag shipped through ShiptoCamp exceeding 120 dimensional inches can result in charges assessed to the camper family at an additional cost of $160 plus per bag, per leg, depending on the shipping zone.

Example: If your “fully packed” oversized bag is 48” (L) + 2x 22” (W) + 2x 20” (H), the calculated dimensional inches = 132”.

In this case, this bag at 132 total dimensional inches is considered a Colossal or an Extra-Large Bag and will be subject to additional fees, more than DOUBLING the cost of baggage services for the family.

Camp Barney families are permitted up to 2 standard sized duffel bags. There is no need to be concerned about fitting all of your belongings in 1 Colossal or Extra-Large duffel bag. As a matter of fact, there is more room in 2 smaller 36” duffel bags than 1 colossal 52” bag.


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