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2024 Session Dates

1st Session: Sun, 6/2 - Thu, 6/27
2nd Session: Mon, 7/1 - Fri, 7/26


For any questions contact:

Integrated Freight Logistics
Phone: 954-769-1439, opt 2

Theresa Rolon-Simon ext. 108


Camp Baggage
Summer 2024 Pick-up/Drop-off Schedule

(NOTE: Dates listed below are estimates only. You will receive
communication ahead of time, from our staff, with your pickup date)

Expected PICK-UP for South Florida & All Other Zones

1st Session:
Pick-ups Tuesday 5/21 - Wednesday 5/22

2nd Session:
Pick-ups Wednesday 6/19 - Thursday 6/20

Expected DROP-OFF for South Florida & All Other Zones

1st Session (Program ending on 6/27):
Bags will leave camp on Thursday 6/27
Bags should arrive in South Florida by Tuesday 7/2
Deliveries will begin right away.

Please note this is the July 4th week. If you do not plan to be home, you will be responsible to make other delivery arrangements with ShiptoCamp

2nd session (Program ending on 7/26):
Bags will leave camp on Friday 7/26
Bags should arrive in South Florida by Saturday 7/27 but no later than Monday 7/29. 
Deliveries will begin right away.


Note: All other zones will deliver back based on common carrier standard time in transit.


For each Session, baggage pickups will begin approximate 1 week prior to the Sunday that the session starts.  This will depend on your location and time in transit with carrier from your zip code to the camp.  A specific pickup schedule by area will be provided to all families and for local south Florida pickups will be communicated to you via email, phone and/or through our website.

Baggage will be dropped off after camp on the Friday, Saturday or Monday following the Thursday that the session ends.  This also will vary based on geographical service area and carrier time in transit.

For baggage shipping from outside the tri-county area (Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach) in Florida and/or out-of-state, a packet will be sent by mail containing your pickup schedule.  Your bags will be picked up by our carrier, directly at your home or office, at the date and time defined in the packet.  For Residential pickups, our carrier normally requires a 9am to 6pm open schedule to suit the needs of their drivers. If more convenient, out of area families can opt to drop baggage off at no additional cost. If you choose to drop off your bags, please make sure that your bags are labeled properly and notify Integrated Freight Logistics immediately so that we may accurately account for/track your bags.

Integrated Freight Logistics is committed to timely pickup and return services in the local south Florida area. Dispatch schedules for pickup and/or delivery will be emailed to your registration email address several days in advance of the service. Please note, PICKUP & DELIVERY TIMES ARE NOT GUARANTEED due to weather, traffic conditions or other delays that can occur household to household.

It is imperative that your bags are ready for pickup on the day of dispatch, unless prior arrangements have been made with IFL management. If you are not planning on being home, your bags MUST be left in a visible spot for pickup. A business card will be left at your door to indicate that the pickup has been completed.

***** If you live in a gated community, please make sure that you leave our company name, INTEGRATED FREIGHT LOGISTICS, with the guardhouse to make entry more efficient. ****** If you have a gate code to gain entry to your community, please notify IFL prior to pickup so we can update our dispatch logs with your gate information.

Following these simple instructions will expedite service provision to all of the Camp Barney families utilizing this service.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Theresa Rolon-Simon
Office: 954-769-1439 ext. 108


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